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Cemented femoral stem fixation through the anterior approach has fewer early complications than cementless fixation

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To achieve the functional benefits of the direct anterior (DA) approach and the fixation benefits of cemented replacement, this study combined the two techniques posing the following questions: does the limited access of the DA approach adversely affect the cement technique?; and does such a cementing technique reduce the incidence of cementless complications?


A consecutive series of 341 patients (360 hips) receiving the DA approach between 2016 and 2018 were reviewed. There were 203 cementless stems and 157 cemented stems. Mean age was 75 years (70 to 86) in the cementless group and 76 years (52 to 94) in the cemented group, with 239 (70%) females in the whole series. Femoral complications were compared between the two groups. Mean follow-up was 1.5 years (0.1 to 4.4) for patients in the cementless group and 1.3 years (0.0 to 3.9) for patients in the cemented group.


The cementless group had a higher rate of femoral complications (8 vs 0; p = 0.011). There were two loose stems and six fractures, all requiring revision. Fractures occurred a mean 14.5 days (2 to 31) postoperatively and loosening at 189 days and 422 days postoperatively. Femoral cementing can be done using the DA approach safely and reduces the number of complications compared with a contemporary cementless series.


A higher rate of early fractures and loosening occurred with cementless stems. This was not observed in our cemented stem cohort and cementing was safely accomplished through the DA approach. The modern femoral cementing process with the DA approach does not add to surgical complexity or time, has fewer early complications, and is a safer option for older patients compared to cementless femoral arthroplasties.

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