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Journal Overview

Editor-in-chief: Mr Ben Ollivere

ISSN (Print): 2048-0091

ISSN (Online): 2048-0105

The first issue of 360 launched in February 2012 and is published on a bi-monthly basis. 360 aims to support busy orthopaedic clinicians and researchers keep up-to-date by summarising the bottom-line clinical message from the latest global orthopaedic literature. 360 has an inter-disciplinary editorial board selected from some of the most notable names in orthopaedics around the world. The journal is displayed in an easy to read format, categorised by subspecialty, and provides full referencing for more in-depth reading. Our hope is that it should take no more than 60 minutes to read each issue and provide a 360 global perspective.

Each issue includes:

Roundup360 - a clinical round up of breaking research and news organised by sub-specialty

Global View - a global map highlighting recent orthopaedic developments at a glance

Editorial and feature articles - leading contributors feature topics of interest

Mail360 - send us your views and feedback

Diary360 - upcoming meetings and events

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